Our Story

This is our story about how we fell in love with a natural healer called Sea Moss!

Sea Moss Kulture started with just an idea and a need. Assuring our families immune system were protected during the cold and flu season was a mission of ours. We were in search of a natural product that will heal our bodies several different ways. A friend introduced the “Superfood” (also known as Irish Sea Moss), to us and since then we’ve been in love. So we decided to spread the health with the world.

During the early 2020 pandemic, we felt like it was our responsibility to show people how they too can protect themselves the natural way. Integrity and quality is very important to us. Sourcing our Sea Moss from St Lucia assures us that we were getting quality product harvested in the freshest and purest waters.

Healing properties is one of the most important asset that a product contains. This superfood from the sea is a main ingredient for cosmetic and food processing companies. As a wholesale company our main concern is to source and distribute quality rated product that are wildcrafted, certified and approved. Let our Sea Moss inspire you, your company and your buyers!